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Sub Martis: Dome Beagle

Added on 30 December 2015

Sub Martis: Dome Beagle is now out!

The adventure continues… Sub Martis: Dome Beagle is now out! Postgraduates in the Astro-Environmental Sciences Division of Lowell College, University of Mars, Copper and Linen continue their exploration of subsurface Mars at the Amber-Warren research site near Beagle Dome Complex out on the Isidis Plain. Work on site is enlivened by a batch of miniaturised stealth surface science bots that the two suspect are more than they seem, by ongoing friendships and squabbles with colleagues and site techs and by the techy interruptions of their MEDICs. Back home at Lowell, strange things are turning up in their samples and even stranger people are showing an unholy interest in what they are.
The Martian Fleet is apparently on a recruitment drive and the students’  professional lives are being interrupted by snooping strangers, incompetent thieves, the odd shot and some high-tech supplied by the recently-promoted Colonel Moritz. Free time is taken up by trouble for Ma Kellyn from a con man, the return of an old flame and the attentions of a new one for Copper and dealings with Law Enforcement at Viking One… Read all about it in Sub Martis: Dome Beagle. Available HERE