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Grocery Shopping on Mars

Added on 30 April 2014


Grocery Shopping on Mars

Hi Folks!

An Information Bite: When you need a few necessaries to fill up your store cupboard, where on Mars do you go?

Why, Linking Grocer, of course!

All you need in one convenient local Dome store! Special offers and bargains are available every sol and Student Discounts are also to be had on the most popular items (with a current Student Ident of course).

Convenient follow trollies are there to help you transport your chosen items and keep track of your spending (please return at the trolley station after your visit to our store!).

Wherever you see this sign, you will find your local Linking Grocer store. We will also deliver your chosen goods straight to your own door - enquire at your local store for the very reasonable cost of this service!

Remember, Linking Grocer - a Mars Government Local Service for the convenience of Mars citizens!