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The Web

The Web at Merkat is recognised as a centre of excellence. "We have the best facilities this side of the known galaxy: berths, med facilities, hospitality, you name it..." Ally Chuckblossom, Proprietor of the Half Moon in a Puddle.

When on stopover at Merkat, Arianrhod's crew are often to be found around the inner belts of the Web, and very often in the Half Moon in a Puddle, a well-known port of call in any storm... You'll find the Half Moon on green level two of inner belt two. There are of course other hostelries available, such as the Green Diamond (blue level seven, outer belt nine), the Port in a Storm (green level six, inner belt two), the Anchor's Rest (blue level six, inner belt three) and the Frozen Sunbeam (blue level six, outer belt nine).

You can find images of some of the badges of Arianrhod's sister ships, and many others, on the Flickr site (button below!)