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Lowell Scientists Report Past Life

by Capell Stonemoth, science reporter

The results of recent research in the Isidis Basin, at the edge of Nili Fossae, suggests that plant life at least existed on Mars at around the Noachian-Hesperian Boundary. Researchers from the prestigious Amberline Group of Lowell College have disclosed that remains of what might be early woody plants have been discovered, according to a paper which will be published shortly in the upcoming edition of the Journal of Archaeoareography. Lowell College Press Office has stated that no researchers are currenty available for comment. This research comes out at a time when miitary personnel have been noted to be digging at various sites across Mars. Is there more to this ancient plant life story than meets the eye?

In related news, Interplanetary News Network’s Mars This Sol programme has disclosed that a sizeable increase in funding has been authorised by Mars Gov for extra-planetary exploration for useful resources. Mars Fleet is said to be on a recruitment drive, which leads this reporter to suspect that more is hanging on this increase than resource-searching. Military sources refuse to comment.

In this Edition:- Interview refused by Mars Service Chiefs of Staff over reported digging at various sites planet-wide. What is going on? We say that citizens have a right to know. HAVE YOUR SAY...


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