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Sub Martis

The Red Planet, but maybe not as you know it. Here on Mars we have our own Provisional Government, our own FLAG that dates from the early pioneering sols of the Primary Colonisation Period and our own way of life. We live in various Dome Complexes scattered over our planet and each one with its own specialities (and peculiarities), from the prestigious and ancient Viking One Dome Complex to the younger, newer habitations such as Wells and Savich.

But when on Mars we are often in Lowell, a Dome Complex in southern Aonia Terra [PDF map] at 52.3°S 81.4°W in the Southern Hemisphere. Work sometimes takes us elsewhere, such as the Astrobiology Field Dome in the Northern Hemisphere, just north of Beagle Dome Complex on Isidis Planitia at 10.6°N, 270°W.

Sub Martis: Dome Lowell

How on Mars do you make a living even if you have a degree? How do you wash your socks? How good is Lofty's Place? And why is the Crest of the University of Mars a mortar board and a pair of crossed shovels? To find out, follow Copper and Linen as they plan their futures, attempt to conquer the unknown, delve into the bowels of the red planet and mess up the lives of a couple of friends into the bargain. [BOOKS]

Sub Martis: Dome Beagle

And they're back! Still delving deep into the past of Mars, Copper and Linen find their work enlivened by mini stealth surf-sci bots, looming presentations of their work, the reappearance of Colonel Moritz, military digs at their site at Beagle, snooping strangers, incompetent thieves and the odd shot. Not to mention the mysteries of telepathy, potential alien artefacts and the  launch of a very special starship. This is Mars and the adventure continues… [BOOKS]

Other Strange Places

The Pirates' Web: Arianrhod

Life aboard a galactic trading vessel is about to get complicated...

The Private Starship Arianrhod is one of a fleet of independent trading vessels operated by motley crews of merchant spacers that fly under the common flag of the Trades Alliance and tend to drop anchor in the Web, a vast network of docking, repair and marketing facilities (and drinkeries like the Half Moon in a Puddle) around the free port of Merkat Three. But Arianrhod’s risky trade out in the space lanes is about to get more dangerous… With attacks on shipping increasing, vessels and their crews being utterly destroyed and whole planets targeted, it soon becomes clear that there are new bullies on the block who seem intent on mass destruction. Drafted unwillingly into a war of galactic proportions, even Arianrhod’s legendary firepower and maverick crew may not be able to withstand an enemy that seems to be ripping the galaxy apart…  [BOOKS]. Read Chapter One HERE!


The Ghost of Glow-Worm Alpha

Gliese 876d Station Alpha: a vast hollow world thirty kilometres long and eight in diameter that orbits a barren planet. Law Enforcement Officer Erris Fermion has two mysteries on hand: find the Ghost that stalks Grey Seven and that may have caused the deaths of two people, including his predecessor, and halt a weapons-running operation. Hindered by an upper echelon of Station Command that includes the annoying, the inept and the downright hostile, Fermion has to rely on his own intuition, technology in the shape of his personal thought-rec and the assistance of Alpha’s Security Chief and its Chief Medic - whose expert but questionable surgical intrusion appears to have cured LEO Fermion's inner ear imbalance but left him with more than food for thought... [BOOKS]


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